What we do?

Krish Ecosolar is focused on promoting solar power by providing complete technical, financial and regulatory support. We provide solar rooftop solutions right from evaluating your site to complete installation and commissioning.

Installation & Commissioning
Complete turnkey solution right from free site assessment to complete installation and commissioning
Monitoring & Maintenance
Immediately diagnose and address problems through a robust monitoring system. Provide preventive and complete maintenance plans for a healthy system.
Regulatory Support
Undertake net metering or any other requirement like load extension
Financing Solutions
Provide need-based financing support to our projects

Why get a solar rooftop system?

Saving every month on the electricity bill. Good return on investment
Utilization of idle space. Easy to Install & Maintain
Solar system is environment friendly, noise-free and smoke free
Reduce carbon emissions and minimize the effects of global warming

Want a Solar Rooftop?

Get a free assessment.

Our team will undertake a site visit
and based on the analysis of your current power bill and space availability, will suggest a solution at no cost. If you are keen to save on your power bill and contribute positively to environment, please fill this form..

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